By Ron Riley

Before we got married, my wife had a sign over her front door
which read: "A word to the wise is sufficient".  Those words have
stuck with me through out the years. That is because, even though
A DROPSHIP GUIDE  is offered on this website as a resource, it
is felt that a word of advice can go a long way to achieving

If you're considering using the method of dropshipping in your
business venture, you may want to make sure
that this is right for you.  

This is a merchandising trend that seems to be
taking off these days.  
With the growth of the World Wide Web (Internet)
and the growth of participants wanting to make money using it as
a means, there is a degree of caution required.

Did you know that there's about a 90 per cent failure rate in
dropshipping participation ?  
This high rate is not due to scams and dishonest dealings.

As in any business venture, you have to do your homework first.  
There are a large number of companies who would like to do
business with you, around the world.  
Do you know who they are ?

There are a number of Internet program offers that include
dropshipping plans.  How much freedom will you have negotiating
prices, or are they fixed ?  
What are the limitations in the kind of goods that you can offer ?

Dropshipping is an old merchandising idea that allowed mail
order firms and other businesses to offer a wide variety of goods,
without actuality having to stock them.  This helped the small
business person build their business and have the same amount
of goods to sell as a large department store.

As a small business person, you may not have the deep pockets
needed to purchase or lease space and hire the people to run it.  
The type of capital investment required, could be a bit much.

Dropshipping plans allow you to offer a large selection to your
customers, without the bother of storing the merchandise in
limited space or shipping it out to the purchaser.  
It also reduces your operating costs.  
Sounds good, don't it ? But wait a moment...
There's more to this than what meets the eye.

Just because you're not stocking or shipping the goods, that
doesn't mean that you should be handing over responsibility
to the dropshipper after the point of sale.  
Not with your reputation on the line.  
After all, your customers know you, not the dropshipper.  
They are expecting you to deliver.

Before you get involved with any dropshipper, make sure that the
product is what you expect it to be, well stocked and the delivery
time schedule is within reason.  Choose your dropshipper wisely.
There is no charge for getting started through this site.  That is
because there is enough costs involved in operating costs alone.

All you need do - is click on the button.  This is one way to get
started.  Please note...where we are sending you, isn't the only
place that drop ships.  There are others. Be sure to try them at no
upfront cost.
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