Whenever a film is proposed to be
produced, creative personnel will come
together and begin the process of coming
up with visual ideas.

Motion pictures are a visual medium, that
requires some thought on the part of
writers and visual artists. Some times, the
writer has a particular effect in mind, that
has to be translated visually.

Through discussion, the creative team can
articulate what the approach could be to
accomplish a desired effect.

Everyone who reads the screenplay, see
scenes differently and from various points
of views.  By sharing their perceptions
with each other, the creative team will
formulate ideas in visual concepts, which
they believe will work.

The screenplay may be clear on what is
going on, from scene to scene, but it may
not be exacting on how things should

Above is two screens which show the
set-up of the motion picture from the
The first screen shows where the beginning
titles should be and how the film should start.  
The second screen is a continuation of the first
screen, as the set-up goes on to put in place the
condition and focus of the story.

It was agreed upon that in presenting the title
during the beginning part of the story,  That the
audience will not be deprived of any part of the
story as it unfolds.

The storyboard is animated so as to allow
planners to quickly grasp the idea, without too
much guess work.

Camera angles, color schemes and costumes
are not required to be included at that stage.  
Music and background sound effects also are
expected to be formulated later.
Slow focus on the Metro North as it moves down the
tracks towards the camera. Titles begin here as we
follow the first victim to Grand Central Terminal where
he bursts into flames. The cross fade takes us to the
office of the second victim who bursts into flames
In front of  City Hall in New York City, where the Mayor
is introducing a Judge who is running for congress, in
front of a large crowd.  In the middle of his speech, the
Judge bursts into flames.