Before I became a film producer, I was a highly
successful Commercial artist in the City of New

I mention this, as not to brag, because I was not
the only highly successful artist around. Even so, I
believe that what I have to offer through this article
is useful and has a close relationship to the
creative arts field.

I must point out something that is an issue among
artist.  Just because you're a creator of beautiful
things, that you shouldn't be expected to give your
works away.

If you're doing that, you're selling out.  It also
means that you have a low opinion of your own
works of art.  I makes me wonder, why would you
continue to create things that you're not proud of
and think of as being worthless.

Going commercial, is also considered to be
selling out, especially among young artist, who are
just starting out, mistakenly believing that your
creativity has reached a compromise, by doing so.

In my case, the very nature of being a Commercial
Artist, meant that my creative ability was a
commodity at the marketplace.  The simple fact is,
your art and your ability has commercial value.

There really is no such thing as a starving artist.
That is a myth.  If the artist starved to death, there
would be no art.  There would be no music, or
dancing, no literature, or motion pictures for that

When I moved from New York to Amish country in
Pennsylvania, I discovered that quilts were being
hand made and marketed as works of art.  Believe
me, these people are very proud  of their work and
are not about to let go of it for free.

Let me point out, that art is not confined to
paintings, drawing and photographs.  Art is
anything that time and effort has been spent on to
make beautiful.  It could be a baked cake, for
example, which makes the visual and  tasting
experience, a thing of joy.

Most artists are not businessmen,unfortunately.  
They tend to think of the marketing end of their
endeavors as being too much of a bother.

There is a degree of pride and close connection
involved with your own creations, making it hard to
part with, at any price.  But you must, because in
your position as a business person, you have a
commodity which is in demand.
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