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and theatre.  None of us was around to experience the reality shows presented there.  
The taste of the consumer of entertainment hasn't lost its demand for spectacular shows
But the memory has followed us through the ages and continues to be a part of the form
of entertainment that the audience expects to have presented.

When film was invented, we found ourselves crowding into theatres that offered the thrill
of people fighting each other.  The difference these days, is that nobody actually gets
killed or badly injured.  This article is not to criticize the audiences choices, but to
recognize the heritage of audience tastes in subjects that can be exciting to watch.

Despite all of the discussion about evolution, we human beings haven't refined our
tastes in the kinds of entertainment that we would seek after.

When it comes to the kinds of entertainment that we as film makers and performing
artists can provide, it depends in whole on what the general public will accept and enjoy.  
Even over the objections of moral leadership, there is no way that the public will accept a
ban on violence portrayed on the screen.

If you looked closely into the tall tales that we grew up with, there was a measure of
violence in them.
An adventure would not be an adventure, without some kind of fight.  As we all know, the
word violence means: to use physical force to injure someone or something.

So we tend to go to the movies or theatre to watch acts of violence.  That brings us to
our story.  There once was a man who blamed  his landlord in the death of his wife in an
apartment house fire.  Years later, when he felt up to it, he went out and killed that
person.  Insofar as there was more than one person involved in the ownership of the
ruined building, he attempts to do in all of them.

However, the police interfered with the full execution of his plans.  That is what is called a
crime drama.  In film, it sparks some interest and curiosity.  The audience would like to
find out, just what is going to happen next.  Well I can't spoil the fun by telling you here.  
For that, you would have to see the motion picture.

The reason we view crime dramas, is because it promises to enforce the belief that
good will always overcome evil and justice will prevail.  We the audience accept
violence as a natural event in the scheme of things. Even nature plays a part in
reminding us, that this is a dangerous world we live in.

So we amuse ourselves with the what if.  The memory of the real thing is going to be
there to haunt us, because memories die hard.