I went to school and learned photography and later became a
professional.  You don't have to.  

On this website, you will find out why and how.

Until I came across this little tip bit, I didn't give it a second
thought.  Maybe it's just that I took it as a matter of course.  Like
professional photography was a natural progression and
something that was expected to be accomplished after graduation.

You on the other hand, may be thinking, doesn't professional
photography take training and some degree of talent?  My answer
would be, not really.  What about expensive camera equipment
and know how?  My answer would be, what about it?

Let me put this in prospective.  The difference between an amateur
and professional photographer is, one makes a living at it and the
other doesn't.  There are people who love taking pictures.  They
carry a camera around, wherever they go.  Not only are they
carrying it, but they're using it to take pictures of this and that.  
With the introduction of cell phones, with the ability to take
pictures, there's more people running around doing just that.

Then there are others who may have a camera in their car, or
purse, just in case they run across an event that could be
newsworthy.  Okay, so what about those of us, who keep a
camera somewhere at home, waiting for that special occasion to
dust off and bring along?

Did you know, that the professional photographer does all of that
too?  I was one of those who kept my camera somewhere waiting
for that special occasion, like an assignment.  Now you just found
out something.  If you use a camera at all, you can become a
professional photographer and make good money as one.

Alright, so your camera is some old cheap thing, not so fancy
looking with no flash.  Big deal. You're missing the point.  What's
being offered here, is not photographic technology, but how you
can become a professional and make a few bucks.

Every professional photographer have certain camera equipment
that they favor and use most of their career.  Don't you think that it
would be a good idea to find out first, if professional photography
is for you, before you run out and start buying better equipment?

What would be the point of investing in professional equipment, if
you're not going to be a professional or even try?  If and when you
become a professional photographer, you will find that you can
rent equipment to get the job done.

Besides, with photographic equipment making the transformation
to digital, you'll find that advances in technology can change
faster than you would have a chance to use it.

I would suggest that you click on  the camera.
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