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Privacy Policy
It is the policy of this company to treat all personal information given to us as confidential
and privileged
As such, no permission has been given to us, to share, sell, or give to any other person,
company, or entity such information about any person company or entity who has given
such personal information to us during the process of normal business activity.  

It is the policy of this firm, not to release the address of any person or company who has
given such information in the normal process of business, where such information may be
required.  This includes and is not limited to email addresses.  This policy does not
exclude email addresses of persons and companies who have communicated with us
using the email system as a means of that communication

This company does not collect banking information from any person, or company through
any credit card or banking firm at the point of sale.  Such information is restricted and not in
our interest to obtain.
As all financial information required from the financial company in order to process
payment for the purchase of goods on sale, this company does not require any information
about the purchasers finances.
This firm uses the services of third party payment processor's and banks.  When
purchasing anything from us, it is advisable to review that company privacy policy before
committing any information of a sensitive nature.

All information given to us by any individual, company, or entity, is treated as confidential
and secrete.  As such, we are unable to give, trade, share,or sell such information to
anyone without a court order from the courts which have jurisdiction over such matters.  In
the event that such an order is served to us, we are obligated to advise the person,
company, or entity of what information has been obtained and by whom.

We are also obligated to destroy any communication to us by anyone who is not listed with
us as a contact after such communication has been resolved or ended.  We can not keep
or use email addresses of anyone who has contacted us with comments and inquires for
any reason other than to reply.

Our privacy policy prohibits our associates from making personal contact with our clients
or arraigning meetings with any person, company, or entity through the means of this
website.  It is not our intent or purpose to date or get personally involved with our clients or
visitors to our site, which we may consider to be  unprofessional and sensitive in nature.