It's been said, that a picture is worth a thousand words.  It's also been
said, that a motion picture is the ultimate art form.  It contains literature
(or the results thereof ), acting, graphic design, music and a host of
other crafts that go into the finished product.

Viewing a film for just five minutes, you'd have experienced the
contribution of quite a few people and firms.  You could be one of them,
if you're not already.

Maybe you've noticed how long the credits are at the end of a theatrical
released film.  The names are not just those of actors, writers, directors,
producers and cinematographers.  The list contains the names of
people and companies who've contributed to the making of that motion

This is one business that causes a great deal of excitement.  More so
than the building of a casino.  It is a business that has been hard to
define, other than it being a business that makes moving pictures.

The motion picture business is a little more than that.  For one thing, it
is a manufacturer of pictures that seems to move.  The end product is
used for entertainment, education, sales and other things we tend to
overlook as being involved.

It is also a business that can make a great deal of money in the way of
profit.  No, I'm not trying to get you interested in investing in this kind of
business.   Because investing in motion pictures, is considered to be a
high risk venture.  It would be inappropriate to suggest otherwise.

I used to wonder, what was the big deal about this business, until I
actually got involved with it.  The making of a motion picture, is the time
that this industry creates the most excitement.  It's the time when
people are hired and companies are engaged to participate in the

This comes about before the actors, directors, lights camera, or action
enter into it.  There is a commercial involvement going on between
people and firms that you may  never  heard of before.
That period of time is called preproduction.  The excitement isn't the
prospect of being photographed, or the possibility of seeing your name
in lights.

It is the expectation of doing business with a firm that you can count on
to buy your goods or use your services.  Nothing would make you
happier, than having a business relationship that improves your bottom

Oh come on, you'd say, "All I do is make shoelaces.  What in the world,
would be in it for me?"  Think about it.  You don't make laces that don't
sell.  That would be pointless.  What you have to realize is, you produce
a product that could be used for something other than tying shoes.

Did you know, that the 3M company developed a high reflective
material that you see almost everywhere you go, in street and highway
signs?  The film industry got a hold of it and now its used extensively
by them.  In the case of your shoelaces, you make them, because
there's a need and a demand for them.

Maybe you can't see where your product or services will fit in with film
producers and companies, but I do.

When was the last time you saw a documentary about the history and
making of shoelaces?  I don't recall seeing any.  You know, there are
film makers who specialize in making documentaries.  They're always
looking for material.  I don't make documentaries, but there are those
who do.

The History and Discover Channels  are all eyes and ears for a product,
"How it's done", to add to it's Modern Marvels and How it's Made
programs.   You need only think of the possibilities for your firm.  If you
took that path, your company gets publicity, world - wide.

What do you think of your shoelace business now?  Pretty impressive,
isn't it?  The Film Making and Motion Picture business, has benefited
many firms and individuals, since its inception.  

You could be one of the beneficiaries.
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